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South County ARES: Handbook

Attention: to prevent email addresses contained in the handbook from being “harvested” by spammers, the PDF files have been moved into a password protected directory. To access the directory, log in with the user name “guest” and password “handbook14658” (without the quotes).

South County ARES has updated the SCARES Emergency Handbook, often referred to as the "orange book" because of the color of its cover since its printing in the 1990's. The handbook was revised in 2000, 2003, 2005, 2007 and now in 2012. The handbook was re-printed in April 2012. Spiral bound copies were handed out at the May and June SCARES meetings. if you would like a spiral-bound printed copy, contact the SCARES president. SCARES members will receive one copy free of charge.

In between printings, we will post revisions of the handbook on this page as they are made. Successive versions will contain all previous changes, unless otherwise stated. Please send corrections to the Webmaster.

Electronic Versions of the Handbook

If you plan on printing a copy of the handbook for yourself, use the Reader's Spreads version.
If you plan to view the handbook mainly on-screen, use the Screen Version.

The revision history is included in the preface section.

Revision April, 2012, updated 6/11/2012   Corrections


Please note these corrections/additions in your handbook. They are not incorporated into the electronic copy.
  • Page AUX-5:
    Woodside City Hall
    2955 Woodside Rd

    Location is corner of Woodside Rd. and Whiskey Hill Rd.

Past Versions ==>

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