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South County ARES: Handbook: Past Versions

Attention: to prevent email addresses contained in the handbook from being “harvested” by spammers, the PDF files have been moved into a password protected directory. To access the directory, log in with the user name “guest” and password “handbook14658” (without the quotes).

Below are links to the previous versions of the SCARES Handbook ("Orange Book");

Electronic Versions of the Handbook

If you plan on printing a copy of the handbook for yourself, use the Reader's Spreads version.
If you plan to view the handbook mainly on-screen, use the Screen Version.

The revision history is included in the preface section.

Revision 3: April, 2007


Revision 2: December, 2005

Handbook in one file: rs-handbook05.pdf (660KB) Reader's Spread format

Handbook in sections Reader's Spread format

Revision 1: January, 2003

  • Handbook: Screen Version
    These files are best used for screen viewing. They contain live links that allow jumps from the table of contents to locations within the document.
    Complete handbook.pdf (308 KB; 3/8/2000)

    Handbook in sections (for smaller downloads)
  • Handbook: Reader's Spreads
    Reader's spreads are two pages per 8.5"x11" sheet of paper, landscape mode.
    You can use these to print changed pages to print an 8.5"x11" copy of the handbook or to update the printed handbook. They do not contain live links in the document. For smaller downloads, use the
    individual section links.
    Entire handbook: rs-handbook.pdf (118KB)

    Handbook in sections (for smaller downloads)

History of Revisions

April, 2007: Multiple editing changes including changes to station installation locations. Too many changes to list here.
December, 2005: Multiple editing changes including changes to station installation locations.
  • Section 2: “OES”
    • Add references & verify (new) Thomas Guide all sites
    • Update PD & Fire Station info
    • Update Mills Hospital Info
    • Add Redwood Shores Fire Station
    • Add San carlos Airport Info
  • Section 3: “AUX”
    • Add references & verify (new) Thomas Guide all sites
January, 2003: Minor editing changes
  • Change web site to
  • Remove Section and local EC information until new information is available
March, 2000
  • Handbook Preface and Master Table of Contents
    • Thomas Guide Conversion Table
    • Revision History
    • Page for Notes
    • Renumbering for many pages because of insertions
  • Section 1: ARES
    • Change SCARES resource simplex frequency to 146.445
      (was144.450, which is now an alternate), page ARES-6 and -17
    • Add Hillsborough to table on ARES-4
    • Add reference to Thomas Guide conversion on ARES-5
  • Section 2: OES
    • Add Hillsborough EOC on OES-5
    • Add Hillsborough Police Department on OES 10
    • Add Foster City Fire Station #28 on OES-19
    • Add Hillsborough Fire Stations on OES-20
  • Section 3: AUX
    • Add City Hall for Foster City on AUX-3
    • Add Foster City Corp Yard on AUX-4
    • Add Belmont private schools on AUX-8
    • Correct old Thomas Guide for Belmont Oaks on AUX-8
    • Add Hillsborough schools on AUX-9
    • Add Foster City Police and Public Works frequencies on AUX-15

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