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June 20, 2013 Meeting Assignment

The June 20, 2013 meeting will feature a training exercise simulating an activation. Follow these instructions to prepare and participate in the meeting. Check this page often before the meeting because the instructions may change.


  1. Download the ICS 213 form (ARES Version), save it and print a few copies for yourself.
  2. Download the verbose messages file. Pick at least one of the verbose messages shown on page 1. Condense the message to the smallest number of words that convey the essential information. Use the ICS 213 form to write your condensed version. Your goal is to get the message to be less than 25 words. Remember that punctuation counts in the word count.

    You may look at the sample conversions from KG6LRP on page 2, but you may not use them! Use your own.

  3. Have each message on the ICS 213 form ready for transmission on meeting night.

Meeting night:

Members: you are asked to first report to the location that is your first priority in a real activation. If you cannot get access to the installation, use your mobile rig or HT on an external antenna for communications from your vehicle in the location's parking lot. From that location, you should check in to the SCARES Resource Net.

If your first priority is SCARES, check in from your home location.

The Resource Net will open at 7:30pm PDT (1930 hours, local time).

How do I check in to the Resourse Net?

  • The frequencies for the resource net are the same as those used for the weekly SCARES net.
  • First, LISTEN. Wait for other traffic to complete.
  • Contact the Resource Net Control:
    Example: "Resource Net Control, this is <call sign>."
    Then, WAIT until Net Control acknowledges you.
    When acknowledged, give your location and request an assignment.
    Example: "Net Control, I'm at <location> and am available for assignment".

You will be given an assignment which will require that you switch to a different frequency and check in to a sub net. Use the same type of procedure to check in to the sub net as you did for checking in to the Resource Net. Listen, call the sub net Net Control by giving your call sign only, then wait to be acknowledged. You will be asked to pass your prepared message (see Preparation, above) or given some other assignment.

The flow of events shown here may change on the meeting night. Be flexible! Be ready to follow different directions. Things may change at any time during a real activation, so be prepared!

Guests: Please join us at the Belmont EOC on the second floor of Belmont City Hall, 1 Twin Pines Lane, Belmont, CA.

After the exercise, members are asked to report to the Belmont EOC for a debriefing.


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