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South County ARES: Protected Resources

Attention: Read This First!

In order to prevent phone numbers and email addresses from being “harvested”, the resources listed below reside in a password protected directory. YOU MUST LOG IN TO ACCESS THE FILES.

To access the directory, log in with the user name “guest” and password “k6mpn-4445UHF” (without the quotes).

SCARES Tri-fold Brochure
Event Message Database (requires MS Access 2003, SP3 or higher)
Download database EventDB-blank.mdb (right-click, then choose Save File or Save Link As)
Last update: 1/22/09: Minor revision to title line on Enter Messages form
This database can be used to log messages at an event or activation. I recommend that you keep a blank copy and copy it for each separate event. You must have Microsoft Access software installed on your PC in order to use this database. You must have at least an advanced beginner knowledge of how to use MS Access. No support is offered here. I will enhance the database from time-to-time but will not be accepting any requests for new features.

To prepare the db for an event:

  • open the Event Name table and in the EventName field, enter the name of the event: this shows up in the message log and reports
  • open the List of Recipients table and set the tactical call signs for anyone for whom a message may be received.
  • open the List of Senders table and set the tactical call signs for all the posts that will be assigned (should match most of the List of Recipients). Enter the FCC call sign and name of each operator assigned to the tactical call: can have up to two per tactical.

Tips when using the db to enter event messages:

  • When entering messages, you can update the current date and time field by double-clicking on that field in the Enter Message form. This is convenient if you moved to a blank record some time ago, waiting for the next message to be received.
  • When you enter a new message, you MUST save it (Records > Save Record or Shift+Enter) BEFORE you click Preview This Message. If you need to print a different message, there is no need to save the current record: just use the Preview Single Message button.



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