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South County ARES Providian Relay 2003

October 11-12, 2003

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Robert Lombaerde, WB6WGM and Madeline Lombaerde, KD6JTU were assigned to Post 18 at the Golden Gate bridge. In past years, the fog dampened equipment to the extent that they decided to rent a UHaul trailer to set up the radios and keep them relatively dry.
It took many, many phone calls to finally locate a suitable size trailer. UHaul doesn't like to rent these for round trip; they prefer one-way rentals. Also, this size(4x6) was a bit small; the desired size (5x8) was not available any where in the Bay Area: but the 4x6 worked OK. A mag mount antenna was sufficient (although it was just sitting on top --- the trailer is all aluminum!).
The trailer was easily towed behind the Jeep Cherokee.
This view shows the portable table set up. When sitting inside, head clearance was about .25 in. Getting in and out was tricky --- especially to keep from bonking one's head!
All in all, we highly recommend this for events that are in a damp or worse environment. It would be too hot inside on a warm, sunny day, but it's cozy in October at post 18 between 8:30 pm and 6 am.

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