Special Olympics 2001

by Bill Brinkley, KC6UNY

On Saturday May 12, 2001 the Special Olympics for San Mateo County held their annual track and field event. Nine SCARES members participated in the event from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm.

The weather was great and we had only 2 minor injuries of the participants. This year they utilized our communications skills more than any other year. Traffic was using a directed net and most of it was from the various venues to the announcing stand to get athletes to their events on time.

I received a nice card from Donna Remeriz the head of the San Mateo Special Olympics thanking all the hams for their help. I too would like to thank the following SCARES members.

KD6BXY Peter Liljequist
KD6BXZ Bert Jutras
K6FOH Owen Hawkins
KE6HOD David Reneau
W6IBC David Harrison
NC6U Ron Carmichael
N6VOJ Claire Donohue
N6ZFG Narda Hess

/s/ Comm Boss Bill Brinkley KC6UNYs

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