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Sequoia Century

Sequoia Century June 5, 2016
Needs Ham Communicators

Bob DeFranco, KK6CBL


At the January General Meeting I mentioned that an upcoming bicycle event, the Sequoia Century, needs radio communications operators to support the event. This message is a follow-up to provide additional information and a link to the volunteer web page, both for those of you who heard the announcement and for those who were not at the meeting.

I have been involved with this event for the last few years, two as a combination SAG driver and radio communicator, and last year as co-chair for communications. This year I’m in charge of communications and would like to ask for your help in providing communications support for the event. Radio communications are carried out as a directed net, with occasional relay duties from some of the more difficult locations (the event is headquartered at Foothill College, but routes run out to Half Moon Bay and south along Route 1 as far as Gazos Creek (south of Pescadero). The scenery is beautiful and food is available at the event rest stops for volunteers as well as for riders. If you decide to volunteer I’m sure you’ll have a great time.

We’re looking for ride-along communicators, some fixed location course monitor communicators at rest stops and a few non-rest-stop locations. There may even be some opportunities to do both SAG and radio. Descriptions of the jobs are shown below. If you’re a cyclist, free membership in Western Wheelers is provided as your reward for volunteering. Even if your not a cyclist, there’s a great picnic the following Sunday (June 12). What’s not to like!

Here’s the link to the volunteer page for the event. Follow the links on the page to volunteer and register, then scroll down until you find Radio Communications. Just fill in the blanks and you’re all set.

2016 Sequoia Volunteer- Radio Communication

YOU MUST BE A LICENSED HAM OPERATOR to volunteer for this activity and provide your own radio. Radio operators serve a 4-6 hour shifts, either in a fixed location or in a roving vehicle. Roving vehicles also serve as SAG vehicles. Radio operators may either be a passenger or also drive the vehicle. Fixed locations include Saratoga CDF, La Honda, Pescadero, the Bike Hut on Tunitas Creek Road, Half Moon Bay and the top of Tunitas Creek Road. Note that if you are in a vehicle, bring a mag-mount antenna; if in a fixed location, bring a stand of some sort to support an antenna.

2016 Sequoia Volunteer- SAG (Support And Gear)

SAG drivers follow an assigned route to assist riders. Some SAG volunteers will be passengers in cars with another SAG or radio volunteer. Each driver can expect to drive 100-200 miles over the course of a 6-hour shift. You will carry repair parts (tires, tubes and cables), light snacks and water, all (except water), supplied by the club. After your shift, drivers will be offered a payment of $25 to defray the cost of gasoline. I would love to see you at the event. Last year those of you who participated had a great time, and I would expect that this year will be just as much fun.

/s/ Bob DeFranco KK6CBL



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